Helping PassMúsica optimizing routes,
AB Consulting builds a mobile app using OutSystems  

Every day more and more social spots tend to open like Coffee Shops, Bars, or Restaurants, but during the process of opening, there are plenty of legal questions that require a swift answer. One of these requirements is to make sure each spot has all the requirements to use multimedia content such as music without any legal complications. 

ThePassMúsica License is a service that allows these spots to have their needs answered quickly, but to be certain everything was done correctly the service must always double-check during the process. With this in mind, PassMúsica had a requirement, a tool that allows their employees to go between different places and check if everything was done correctly. 

Built by us with OutSystems , a mobile app was developed so that Managers could optimize visits, based on opening times and distance, so users can easily set up a route from his starting point (home, office, etc) following the steps and validating each spot, moving quickly to the next one. Any unforeseen situation is easily solved, ensuring that work gets done right away and without errors. Its always a priority to create tools to be certain that, at the end of the day, the work is well done!

PassMúsica is a licensing service responsible for issuing licenses on behalf of Entidade de Gestão Coletiva de Direitos, for which is legally qualified. It represents the authorization of the usage of recorded media, both audio and video, on behalf of the Direitos Conexos ao Direito do Autor holders. These rights come from the activity of artists, interpreters or performers, producers of phonograms and videograms, assuming the use of a literary or artistic work.

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AudioGest is a non-profit association endowed with public utility and legally constituted and registered as Entidade de Gestão Coletiva de Direitos dos Produtores Fonográficos with IGAC. In Portugal, it represents, not only phonograms (music or audio records) originally recorded and edited by its members and beneficiaries, but also those of foreign repertoire, edited by these in Portugal, under the license from the respective producers.

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