Transforma TI

AB Consulting, using the leading low-code platform  OutSystems, helps transform six social-aware ideas into apps within about a week

Six social-aware ideas were built with the help of AB Consulting , assisting skilled youths the team transformed their ideas into fully working apps, from the very concept into working MVPs in about a week. OutSystems , the leading low-code platform, and the state-of-the-art Reactive Web Applications capabilities made the task possible.

What came up were solutions such as #CiberAmigo , trying to adequately address cyber aggression situations at school, Baby Upload helping parents dealing with pregnancy and  Mini-Trocas to aid them in the years after. Ideas like O Ninho , an app to find a home to abandoned pets, a digital place for artists to promote their work on My Gallery  and We Study, a virtual aid for students to fight educational underachievement.

This was all part of the Transforma TI  initiative, brought by CDI Portugal, which supported this talented group of young creators.


Baby Upload


The results were pitched in quick 3 minutes sessions on the live Demoday before a judge and broadcasted live. The event was recorded and is available on YouTube!

O Ninho

My Gallery

We Study

CDI (Center of Digital Inclusion) is a non-governmental organization for social and digital inclusion and innovation, with an international presence. It’s part of the RECODE (initially CDI) global network that recently celebrated their 23rd anniversary.

Arriving in Portugal in May 2013 thanks to partners such as Microsoft, Fundação PT, McKinsey & Company, SRS Advogados, Fundação EDP, PWC and APDC, CDI’s objective is to change people’s lives using technology to its advantage, firmly believing in the benefits that technology can have in people as a means and not to an end.

You can learn more about CDI and their community on their official website, or contact them via email at